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Tape-In Hair Extensions and Tools

LaBella Tape in Hair Extensions are 100% human Remy hair, double drawn and cuticle intact. A full head is usually 4 packs of Tape-In Hair Extensions, depending on length, volume, and thickness. Tape-In Extensions can be reused! LaBella Tape-In hair extensions come pre-taped for easy use. After the extensions have been in for several weeks, they need to be moved up and placed closer to the scalp. With proper care, this hair may be reused up to 3 times. This can be easily done with LaBella Hair Extension Re-tape. The strips are pre-cut to fit LaBella Tape in hair. Simply remove the existing adhesive with our Bond Remover and apply the new tape strips. LaBella Hair Extension Re-Tape is made of 100% medical grade adhesive — perfect for all hair types. Each packet includes 48 pre-cut strips. Available in Double Sided or Single Sided.

18" Natural Straight Tape-In

Hair Extension  Tape-In

12 1-1/2" pieces per pack
Available in 21 colors
30g per pack

"Tape-In" 16" Practice Hair

Tape InPractice Hair

12 1-1/2" pieces per pack
90% Human Hair/10% Synthetic
for use on mannequin

Hair Extension Re-tape

Hair Extension Replacement Tape
48 pieces per pack
Double Sided           $10.00
Single Sided            $10.00

Color Ring

Tape-In Color Ring
Color Ring


LaBella Hair Extensions are 100% First Choice Remy Human Hair Non-Tangling. LaBella products are intended for use soley by certified professionals only. For orders and pricing call (908) 231-0720.

* Note: Packages are sold by weight. Individual strand weights may slightly vary effecting the number of strands per package.

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